About Z-Bar Gen 4

The original Z-Bar design was Koncept’s flagship product in 2004, and has enjoyed tremendous global success. “Generation 4” is the fourth revamp of the original Z-Bar design. An improved joint design allows for a cleaner profile and greater articulation. The optics have been improved so that multiple, harsh shadows are avoided; instead the user gets soft, even shadows. Z-Bar Gen 4 maintains some beloved characteristics such as a minimalist profile, high flexibility and compatibility with various desk and wall mounts. The "Pro" version comes with an occupancy sensor and USB port for charging compatible devices. It also allows users to choose and adjust their color temperatures (from 2,700-5,000 K) to coincide with their circadian rhythms.
Kenneth  Ng
Edmund  Ng
Red Dot Design Award 2021
iF Design Award 2021
Streamlined Flexibility
Z-Bar's new design features hidden joint mechanisms that promote smooth articulation
Pro Offers More
Z-Bar Pro features a USB port, occupancy sensor and light temperature tunability
Choose Qi
Alternative bases and mounting options are available, including a hardwire wall mount, desk clamps and wireless charging qi base