About Owl

The ultra-modern Owl table lamp features an oversized, diffused light source. This disc-shaped light source rotates 360° and can be dimmed by holding down the power button. A version of this unique table lamp comes with a bluetooth speaker attached to the top of the cylindrical body. This allows users to listen to music, podcasts, etc. as they enjoy the light.
Kenneth  Ng
Edmund  Ng
Soft Light Enhances the Mood
The oversized LED head fills your space with beautifully diffused light
Listen and See
Choose the Owl with a sleek bluetooth speaker to satisfy your ears as well as your eyes
Rotate the Owl's head
Reminiscent of an owl, this lamp's head can rotate. Utilize the light for tasks or turn the head towards the wall for ambience
Easy Control
A subtle button on top of the lamp’s body controls the power and brightness of the light. Simply press and hold to dim the light
Or, Keep it Simple
Need light only? The classic version of Owl emits light from a monochrome figure
Bright Choices
Owl comes in seven different finishes. Introduce a pop of color or allow Owl to blend into its environment