About Gravy

Gravy Desk Lamp is a unique desk lamp that brings style and warmth to your home or office. Edge lit technology in a circular LED head provides a soft, evenly distributed glow of warm light. The solid wood bar and base are offered in three different natural woods: light Maple, White Oak, and rich Walnut. A delicate aluminum stand supports the wood bar and LED head. Controlling the light is easy: simply tap the center of the underside of the LED head to turn on or off, and touch and hold to dim or brighten the light. Gravy is highly adjustable, providing the user with perfect light placement. This simple yet elegant combination of wood, aluminum and LEDs works beautifully to illuminate any space.
Kenneth  Ng
Edmund  Ng
JDP's Good Design Award 2013
Spark Award 2013
Simply Natural
Built with American hardwood – Walnut, White Oak and Maple – to enrich your space, naturally
The wood bar and LED head slide and rotate to achieve perfect light placement
Simply touch the control to turn the lamp on or off, or hold to dim light down to 10% of maximum